Step motori


Starting from stepper motors, CMZ provides its innovative technology based on vector control current modulation: STEPLESS TM

This is a technology fully developed by CMZ for low speed applications.

Through the closed loop control, a stepper synchronous motor with encoder feedback can be controlled with modulated current by:

eliminating any problem due to the step loss

reducing the motor temperature.

Compared to the brushless solution, on the same motor size the Stepless technology provides a much higher torque at low speed. This makes it most suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Our stepper motors are available in 5 sizes with torque from 2,8 Nm to 21 Nm.

They can be supplied with incremental encoder, circular or AMP connectors, cables (lenght on request) and other optional features to meet all applicative demands.

CMZ STEPLESS technology is applied on our stand alone and nearby drives, chosen by many customers for their automation projects.