CMZ is focused on optimization and simplification of industrial processes, putting them at the core of its technological research.

IBD drive with integrated electronics and IEC 61131 programmability offers maximum control and power in a compact space. With the decentralization of the drive directly on the motor, the machine architecture is simplified: reduced wiring, more linear machine design, optimized and increasingly efficient processes. The brushless motors are available with torque from 1.2 to 30 Nm. Each model can be developed with solutions designed upon the specific project of the manufacturer, considering both electronics and mechanics. The strong technological integration between CMZ electronics and electromechanical components makes IBD drives some of the most innovative components for motion control, the expression of the best Made in Italy production. IBD is suitable to be used both with CMZ FCT controllers and other different-branded controllers using CODESYS 3.5.PROFINET RT available on models IBD flange 60. Soon available also on IBD flange 80 and IBD flange 100. Daisy chain versions are available. UL certification on IBD flange 60.